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Welcome to Brechin Elementary

Brechin Elementary is one of the oldest elementary schools in beautiful Nanaimo BC. Our current building was completed in 1993. The school was uniquely designed for learning, featuring a full-sized gymnasium, multipurpose room and kitchen, library and computer lab on one side and 10 classrooms on the other.

Brechin is a K-7 school with an average population of 200 students. Our school community is committed to creating a safe, caring and orderly learning environment for all. We begin our week in the gym with our morning gathering, listen to our morning announcements, recognize student achievement and share a common social responsibility message. This community building time helps to set a positive tone for the week and keeps us all connected to one and other as a group of learners.

Our current school goals focus on improving reading and writing for our students. We are amidst our third year of participation as a Focus School and are very excited about the professional learning occurring for both our staff and our students.

Brechin indeed is a great place to learn!